1. Gift Card+ product is unique, innovative and there is no other competitive product in the current Gift Card market.
  2. Gift Card+ is a banking Gift Card product unlike traditional Brand specific Gift Card products
  3. Social Networks includes Face book, twitter and LinkedIn unlike other gift card product which includes only Facebook
  4. Gift Card+ flexibility allows recipients to use it anywhere for any purpose, doesn’t have limitations of a retailer Gift Card
  5. The product will help increase Bank’s Gift Card revenue, improve customer satisfaction and establish itself as the exclusive choice in the Gift Card market
  6. Gift Card+ Product will help Banks increase revenue by provisioning existing customers proactively send Gift Cards to friends and family connected thru social network
  7. The product will help Banking customers express their emotion through Gift Cards by reacting to their social seasonal/occasional events(e.g. Birthday, Friendship Day, Specific Event and Promotions)
  8. Rich social events automatic alert notification includes Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, Job Promotion, Job change, Christmas, mother day etc. Unlike standard birthday only notification
  9. Product serves both individual as well as corporate customers
  10. Research shows Bank Gift Cards are considered #1 choice in the Gift Card market.


Product Features

  1. Unique features
  2. Measurable benefits
  3. Ease of use
  4. Improved productivity
  5. Unique fundamental characteristics
  6. Design

How it Works:

Merchants, government entities, or corporations can send funds to another consumer’s eligible Visa card. VPP enables payments and transfers such as insurance claims, corporate and manufacturing rebates, affiliate and contractor payouts, expense reimbursements, and government disbursements (such as value-added tax refunds).

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